Weight Devision:          MiddleweightFighting Out Of:           Sunninghill, SandtonAge:                             34Trainer:                       Richie QuanGym:                           Fight Fit MilitiaPro Fight Record:        12-3Disciplines:                  Karate, Kick Boxing,                                   Wrestling, Brazilian                                   Jiujitsu,Achievements:            EFC Africa 2X                                   Middleweight Champ 



Three Soldierboy workouts

NO GYM/NO PROBLEM October 13 2015

These 3 routines are easy to do at home and  all you need is your own body weight. You can  incorporate any of them into your gym routine to add diversity to your workouts.


Level : CorporalEvery 2nd day for weeks 1,2,3 5 Rounds – (2 min rest in-between rounds) 10 Burpees10 Pull Ups10 DipsHollow Rocks (Until Failure) Level: SargentEvery 2nd  day for weeks 4,5,6 5 Rounds – (3 min rest in-between rounds) 10 Push-Ups20 Burpees30 Mountain Climbers40 Squat JumpsPlanking (Hold for 50 seconds)

Level : Capitan

Every 2nd day for weeks 7,8,9


5 Rounds – (4 min rest in-between rounds)


10 Dips

20 Push-Ups

30 Sit-Ups

40 Squats

50 Burpees


The Soldierboy Mindset

EYE ON THE PRIZE Oct 12 2015


Q. What motivates you to persevere in this tough line of work? A. I remind myself what I am fighting for. My wife, my children and our life together. Along with the desire to achieve my personal goals. READ MORE